Saturday, September 24, 2011


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of going to see "Lion King 3D"  in Manhattan at the AMC Orpheum. The price of the movie? $17. I'm living on a college budget, but it was well worth it. I mean come on, it's Disney! The movie, of course, was great, but the 3D effects weren't anything special. There weren't any pop-outs like a usual 3D, as I was expecting. The scenery in the film was 3D, though, so it actually looked like you were grazing in the grass with Simba. I couldn't have been more thrilled that they brought back this Disney classic. Since its release in 1994, we haven't heard much from Pride Rock. Having been raised during "The Lion King's" premiere days, it immediately brought back childhood memories. This movie is definitely a Disney classic and will remain iconic.

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