Monday, November 28, 2011

A little bit of Mickey in your stocking

What is better than getting a little Disney holiday merchandise? I personally would be content with a Disney souvenir underneath the Christmas tree. This past weekend (yes, on the dreaded Black Friday) I made my way to New York City to get some holiday gifts. My best friend Rachel and I, being the extreme Disney fans that we are, had to stop by the Disney Store in Times Square. It was packed inside, to say the least. It was well worth it to us though. The store itself is actually pretty big. It consist of two levels and a pretty decent floor plan. The store is very well organized with different sections divided by the merchandise genre. They have a princess section, a classic Mickey section, a Toy Story section and many more. Those three just happen to be my favorite :)

As we shopped through the store we noticed they had some pretty decent deals going on. Gifts under $20 and discounts off your entire purchase, if you spent over a certain amount of money. Rachel and I found some things we just couldn't leave behind. Being the Vinylmation collector that she is, Rachel picked up some New York exclusives. Since she is from California, she had to buy the collectible Vinylmations here in NYC.  She picked out a cute Statue of Liberty one and a Taxi Cab one. Both were adorable and $15. We also purchased a great hot/cold Minnie Mouse mug for $9.95. The classic plush animals were $19.95 and the smaller ones were 2 for $20. Great deals to say the least!

As we made our way upstairs, I immediately found the Toy Story section. I fell in love with a Buzz Lightyear zip-front jacket. Unfortunately they didn't have my size because it was for little boys. A large would've been perfect but they only had smalls and mediums. If you are interested in Disney clothing I highly recommend shopping online. Hit up those "Cyber Monday" deals. The Disney website has a lot of good deals going on for the holidays. One of the best finds I made was the ornaments. Disney has some of the best Christmas ornaments. They have about every character, classic Mickeys, every princess, traditional holiday ones, and some over-the-top ones too. You'll be sure to find one right for everyone in your family! Check out the Disney merchandise and spread the holiday cheer!

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