Monday, October 31, 2011

The New Disney Hype

We all know Disney is great at their marketing skills and sales. They always have a new hype going on- a new collectable that will attract Disney fanatics from all over. I remember when I was younger the Disney Pin Trading was the fad. They had pins of all the characters, attractions, and of course limited edition ones to keep you buying. I personally collected the Tinkerbell pins. They are all so different and cute! I have about 30 Tink pins and probably around 50 pins all together. Pin trading at the park is still in effect. You can buy pins and trade them amongst the Disney Cast Members(employees). The pin trading has now died down and the next disney collectable is on shelves everywhere.

The Disney Vinylmations are the new craze! A vinylmation is a figurine that is shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse. The way they are designed makes them a collectable. There are thousands of different designs from the characters of all Disney movies to everyday objects, and cool abstract designs. There are many different series to the vinylmation collection. The vinylmations are only a 3 inch figure but they are quite pricey. Depending on the edition you can spend anywhere from ten to hundreds of dollars.

Aside from their cute appearance, another reason people are hooked on these little fellas is that there is a chase for all of them! In every series of vinylmations there is a mystery one to the set. They are usually pictured as the question mark on the back of the box set. There is no guarantee that you will get the mystery one or ever even come close to getting it. They are packaged in a way that you never know which one you are buying. This is fun but also a bummer because it is very probable that you will buy doubles.

I myself do not own any vinylmations, besides one miniature green alien one, but my best friend is a huge collector. She has spent over $800 on her collection and it is still growing. Some people find this Disney fad to be a not-so-good one, but others are all over it. A true Disney fan has some sort collectable from the parks. Whether or not the Vinylmation Collectables are for you, they are here and staying for awhile!

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